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Great Design

Slick design leads to faster adaptation, fewer mistakes and a better user experience - your guests will thank you

At Mews, designers are a core part of our team. We believe that great design will lead to faster adaptation, less mistakes, and a better user experience. We maintain this ideology throughout all our products and ensure that with every screen, button and input field, we test and analyse their performance to create the most user-friendly PMS available.

Some examples:

Less clutter leads to less confusion and thus improves data input.

Well designed screens allow for less training of new employees.

Increased conversion on the booking engine via well designed screens.

Focus attention to the information that matters when providing personal customer service.

Easy Integrations

Let your computer do the hard work for you courtesy of our open API that makes it possible to integrate almost anything

One major benefit of using the cloud is the ease of integrating other systems into a complete hotel solution, improving and bringing automation to all departments. Our Mews store is filled with integrations that continually help drive innovation and optimise the workflow in your property.

Some examples:

Channel Manager: deliver bookings, update your rates, and update your availability automatically to help fill up your property while you care for your guests.

Revenue Management: connect your revenue system using a two-way connection and supercharge your hotel revenue strategies.

Upselling: help drive incremental revenue with great visual applications that target your customers with special offers and promotions.

Marketing Automation: integrate your marketing solution to help drive improved marketing results and automate campaigns that target your customers at the right time with the right message.


Wherever you are, manage your operations from any device and at anytime

We have designed a system that works on any device, no matter the size, as long as that device supports an internet browser. We understand that your team should not be glued to a reception desk, and with Mews you can regain your freedom and serve customers more flexibly. Mobile housekeepers now have access to all the latest updates, preventing unnecessary knocking on doors, whilst ensuring a faster turnaround of cleaned rooms.

Some examples:

iOS and Android Housekeeping and Maintenance Application with access to all reservations and their relevant information.

Guest Concierge Application, allowing online check-in, messaging, and ordering of services.

Make revenue management decisions from anywhere, at any time on any device.

Keep an eye on performance when you are away from the property.

Cloud based

The cloud allows our hoteliers to virtually connect with their guests whenever they need to while saving them money at the same time

Migrating to the Cloud is no longer a question of “if” but rather “when”. We believe that all properties will move to the Cloud within the next 5 years, bringing a huge wave of innovation and optimisation techniques with regards to cost, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Interconnecting solutions seamlessly and quickly via the Cloud will help to facilitate this innovation and supercharge your property.

Some examples:

No need to maintain an expensive local server that could be at the risk of failure at any time.

Access your hotels from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Gather more accurate information by allowing guests to check-in online prior to arrival at the hotel.

Save time and money by integrating a multitude of other Cloud solutions within hours and at a fraction of the cost.

Online Check-in

40% of our guests check in online and that frees you up to serve your customers that little bit extra

Give your guests the option to check-in online, allowing them to complete their registration cards and credit card details before arriving to the hotel. This will ensure speedy access to their room and more accurate information. Go completely mobile by integrating an innovative door locking solution, which will allow you to send room keys to the customer via SMS or e-mail.

Some examples:

Maintain a cleaner and more powerful guest database as travelers fill in their own personal details.

Automate payments using a tokenised payment solution, creating a seamless guest experience.

Lower the amount of no-shows, thanks to additional reminders sent to guests about their booking.

Serve customers to the very best of your ability, giving them options and building customer satisfaction.

Simplify Payments

Mews can automate all payments and deliver a stress-free experience for guests much like Uber does so imagine a reception without awkward demands for credit cards

Taking payments in a hotel has historically been messy and complex, not to mention the struggle to comply with PCI regulations. Using our tokenised payment solution, Mews properties can completely automate 90% of payments. This allows your team to save a huge amount of time, whilst making customer interactions much more pleasant: less talk about money and more focus on hospitality.

Some examples:

Take payment for all reservations prior to arrival, lowering the average check-in time by 40%.

Send receipts to your guests automatically and electronically, lowering the number of chargebacks and reducing your printing costs.

Exceptional reporting within Mews allows you to balance and reconcile your bank account in minutes rather than hours.

Refund customers with a click of a button.


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