Frequently Asked Questions

Do you integrate with channel managers?

We strongly believe that hotels should have a 2-way connection with a channel manager. Today, 95% of Mews hotels have a channel manager integrated, saving huge amounts of manual work whilst increasing sales by ensuring constant availability everywhere online. We are integrated with a multitude of channel managers and you can find all of our partners listed on the Integrations page.

What training do you offer?

We have a comprehensive resource called Mews University, which includes videos covering everything from the easiest tasks to the most advanced configuration settings. Furthermore, when we onboard a new hotel we always go over for 2-3 days to conduct training for the team, help them with imports and get the team comfortable using the new PMS.

Can you integrate with our accounting system?

If you use a cloud accounting system then integrations are quick and easy. If you use an old style accounting program, we have also built plenty of great Excel exports for accounting reports, which can be used to import the data from Mews into your accounting system of choice.

How long does it take to build my hotel?

Using the cloud, your hotel can be built within 2 business days of signing your agreement with us. We will guide you through our Mews University via an initial conference call so that you can immediately get the basic training. Then, if needed, we can always come on site for further training.

Do you offer a solution for restaurants and bars?

Yes! We have a great integration with the cloud based Lightspeed POS solution and this fully mobile system compliments Mews perfectly. It is built specifically for bars and restaurants of any size and serves customers in a modern way. W also offer a number of other integrations, which you may find on our Integrations page.

Can I keep my historic data?

Generally, moving to a new PMS is the perfect time for some house cleaning as most of the profiles in the legacy systems are poorly maintained. Although it’s possible to import all guest profiles into Mews, we recommend cleaning up the database prior to the import. Nobody wants 10,000 identical profiles for “John Smith” in their brand new system!  As part of the onboarding we also have a great import tool for all future bookings.

Does your PMS handle group bookings?

Yes! Our system is built to handle hotels with up to 2,000 rooms, with our largest hotel today featuring 1,200 units. An important part of business for these type of hotels are group bookings and we have built a number of custom features that allows quick and painless management of groups. The Mews PMS ensures that you can quickly manage, check-in/check-out and run reporting on your groups.

What custom solutions do you offer to hostels?

Hostels are a completely different animal and we appreciate the mix of space types involved including beds, dorms and private rooms. We have customised the entire system to cater to hostels as well, such as being able to make group bookings, group check-ins, easy cashiering, custom booking engines and more.

How do you ensure that our data is stored securely?

We have built our solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which has some of the highest levels of security, ensuring your guest data is safely handled. We also run backups in multiple locations to ensure we never miss a beat and that no one has access to your hotel data except for your team.

Where is data stored and is it safe?

Mews is a 100% cloud solution and all the data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure servers. Microsoft Azure currently has more than 20 cloud computing related security compliance certificates, including ISO 27001 and 27018.

Which countries do you operate in?

Have a look at the About us page to see if we have hotels live in your region. We add about 15 new countries each year and we are open to exploring new regions and countries. Just schedule a demo and we can chat about how we can support you.

What is your uptime/status?

We have a live status page where you can keep abreast of any updates, outages or issues. To be clear – we are diligent in keeping this page updated. Nonetheless, over the past 12 months we had an average uptime of 99.983%, which is an incredible result.

Is Mews good for my hotel school?

Yes! Mews is already used in a number of hotel schools to ensure that we train the next generation of hoteliers on the most forward thinking solutions. If you believe your school is interested, get in touch!

What ‘modules’ does Mews have and what do I need integrated?

The core offering of Mews consists of a PMS, booking engine and a payment gateway. Additionally, we strongly recommend the minimum requirement that hotels connect to a channel manager. We then offer more than 60 other integrations, most of which we integrate for free.

What does the Merchant do and why do I have to use yours?

We work with Stripe and Adyen to power our Merchant. Unlike traditional payment terminals, these solutions are natively integrated into the PMS, which allows automation of 95% of hotel payments and saves time and improves guest satisfaction.

Do I have to buy ALL your products?

Our primary products are the Mews Commander PMS and Merchant, which are the minimum requirements. The Booking Engine is an optional add on, as well as any other integrations.

What languages do you support in your PMS?

We currently support English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Finish, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. Adding more languages is easy and, if required, we can do this within days.

Info about our accounting capabilities within Mews?

As a PMS, we are a processor of revenues (not costs) and we have integrations with a number of accounting solutions that allow data export/delivery via API or FTP exports. The PMS also has a billing and invoicing module, cashier and supports multi-currency transactions.

I did not find an integration that we need, does that mean you cannot support it?

We have a full integrations team at Mews that can help facilitate the building of new integrations via our open API. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our Integrations page, then contact us via the Contact Us page so that we can investigate.

I am starting a new job soon and they are using Mews. Is there any training?

Absolutely! Our online Mews University with training videos and tests will help you prior to your start. If you don’t yet have a login to Mews, you can watch the videos on our Tutorials page. Or if you are already a user in the system, then simply contact us at to create your login for the University.

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