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Your hostel at a glance
operations hotels mews

As hosteliers ourselves, we know the importance of keeping the entire team well informed. With Mews, you can instantly see the status of any of your departments, from reservations to maintenance, via a simple dashboard. Our obsession with great design and simplicity has also resulted in a fool-proof system that new team members will quickly be able to find their way around without excessive training or mistakes.

operations mews
Selling dorms and beds is key
operations hotels mews

It's essential for hostels to have a flexible inventory, allowing you to sell individual beds for backpackers, entire dorms for groups or even private rooms for couples. Mews gives you complete control over your inventory and includes some slick reporting so you can track your success.

mews university
Mews University for best-in-class employees
Mews university

The Mews University is our online platform where hotel employees can be trained on all aspects of Mews. The one-day curriculum ensures that new hires can obtain training at their preferred time and pace. All courses can only be completed once a short exam is passed and managers are given full insight into the training results of their team members.

mobile mews
Mobile friendly means happier guests
mews mobile

We've created a fully mobile solution, giving hotels the freedom to serve their guests from anywhere in the hotel. Wherever you are, manage your operations from any device and at anytime.

mews integrations
Easy integrations for busy hosteliers
integrations mews

We offer a large number of integrations, which can all be enabled within minutes and bring instant improvements to your operation by saving you money and driving revenue. With our software, hostels will no longer be left behind as technology and innovation marches forward!

online check in
Online check-in for a greater guest experience
inline check in

Every day at around 3 p.m., huge queues tend to form in hostels across the world. Why? Because hostels can accommodate many more guests per room and that makes check-in volumes significantly higher than at a typical hotel. 40% of Mews guests choose to check-in online so they can skip the queues at reception and get into their rooms faster. That frees you up to focus on serving your customers that little bit extra.

reports mews
Flexible reports to make sense of your business
repots mews

You should should be able to pick and choose your data points and flex your reports to be able visualise any trends or take advantage of any opportunities. Our reports export to macro friendly Excel files, and through our intuitive report scheduler, you can have reports delivered to you automatically.

booking engine mews
A booking engine that understands hostels
booking engine mews

While we were building the Mews Distributor booking engine, we put a lot of focus on allowing hostel travelers to book any combination of beds, rooms and dorms, while still retaining the simplicity of the booking process. Our 6-step booking engine is producing some of the industry's highest conversion rates and all thanks to our relentless focus on design and user friendliness.


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