Future of Payments with Mews Merchant

The Future of Payments

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Why moving from offline to online payments with Mews Merchant will future-proof your property.

Blazing fast check-ins & outs

Save time & manpower

Free staff up to add real value

Transform the guest experience

No more paper receipts & invoices

Slash chargebacks & fraud

How it works

 Card details provided by guest just once at moment of booking and stored securely on profile in Mews PMS.
Card can be charged or pre-authorisation created automatically at any moment with the tap of a button.

The old way

Constantly asking guests for cards using old school payment terminals is the single biggest drain on staff time and manpower at your property. Oh and guests hate the hassle of waiting around to pay.

The new way

No clunky terminals or wasted time and labour putting cards through machines. Guests give card details just once when they book and the rest is automated with the tap of a button on your PMS. Everyone wins.

Don’t believe us? See it in action…

Find out how much you could save

Mews Merchant calculator
Try out our magic calculator to see what real cost savings you could make compared to your current payment system.

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