People of Mews: introducing Greg Naidoo, CCO

We took our data-loving CCO, Greg Naidoo, out of his comfort zone. What happened? It involved tiramisu, Disney, and Mews’ plans for conquering America…


How to Break Down the Great Wall of Hospitality Tech

The must-read gritty truth about the inevitable fate of hoteliers who fail to deliver a connected guest experience…

Testimonial GAIA Hotel testimonial

“A Third of our Time is now Allocated to More Meaningful Tasks” | GAIA Hotel Testimonial

GAIA Hotel’s Co-Director, Selinda Geyer, explains how the Mews Merchant goes hand in hand with improved cash flow and increased front desk productivity…


People of Mews: introducing Scott Moran, COO

We pinned down the mysterious Scott Moran and found out why our COO has a soft spot for start-ups and who he’d like to get stuck in a lift with…


The Future of Payments in Hospitality [Mewscast]

What’s the impact of fintech on payments in the hospitality industry? We invited a select handful of experts to tell us what’s going on…


“The right integrations really add value to my PMS” | Hotel BIG MAMA Testimonial

The CEO of Hotel BIG MAMA, David-F. Henning, reveals how integrations and automation are paving the way to perfectly targeted guest communication…

Mews Tyler Golden

People of Mews: introducing Tyler Golden, Head of People

We gave our new Head of People, Tyler Golden, a little light grilling, and found out what made this self-confessed geek trade in teaching for tech…


Into Hospitality’s Future with Chatbots

Hot on the heels of Mews’ first hackathon we take a look at what chatbots are doing for the hospitality industry in 2019, and ask whether they’re here to stay?

Opinion/Editorial PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken

PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken

Scott Moran our COO writes: ‘Property management software providers have all but forgotten what the final ‘S’ in SaaS actually stands for – ‘service’.’

Mews Nicolas - Mews France

People of Mews: introducing Nicolas Horvath, MD Mews France

MD of Mews France, Nicolas, stopped working for five minutes to reveal what makes him tick, and why the French PMS revolution is massively overdue…